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Passion for creating/editing persuasive written communications and presentations using thorough research methods. Best-practices healthcare management offering insights for improvement and operational compliance.
I am a writer and healthcare administrator with a broad base of experience in operations and revenue cycle management. I enjoy influencing change to benefit patient access to care and company compliance. I am best known for creating systems that improve efficiency and for helping make teamwork fun.


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    Writer, Freelance
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    Senior Vice President, Payment Policy, American Chiropractic Association

    Managed all payment policy initiatives for Association, advocating for approximately 150,000 providers nationally. Performed outreach to accreditation organizations and insurance companies related to payment policy negotiations. Gathered state / national data for strategic initiatives. Managed payment policy marketing campaigns and development of resources for providers, their staffs and patients. As a member of leadership, led Payment Policy Team, to include: interface with committees, Board, and state associations; strategic planning; budgeting; presentations at national conferences; performance reviews; recruitment; and policy development.


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    Vice President, Insurance Relations, American Chiropractic Association

    Led Insurance Relations team through coaching, directing creation of resources, support for members, and advocacy. Some successes include:

    • Collaborated with national insurers to change policy to more accurately reflect existing research evidence, resulting in expanded patient coverage and access to provider network. 
    • Led effort assisting a State Department of Insurance with investigation to address compliance, resulting in official orders benefitting patient care.
    • Spearheaded strategic staffing and budgetary changes for Insurance Relations team, resulting in 35% greater productivity after 33% staffing reduction.
    • Directed review/revision of all organizational reimbursement compliance resources for providers and patients.
    • Supervised writing of educational provider/patient web content related to insurance reimbursement and compliance including newsletter and articles in professional journal and magazine.
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    Director of Insurance, American Chiropractic Association

    Designed databases to quantify trends in payment policy and successfully collaborate with insurers, identifying areas of need and ensuring proper patient access to care. Supervised building of program to address fraud and abuse and to partner with insurers. Provided training for investigators and collaborated with International Association of Special Investigation Units to supply educational resources.

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    Administrator, The Spine Clinic

Proudest Accomplishment

Creating a hospice memorial quilt for bereaved families to honor their loved ones.

Education Highlights

  • BA, Organizational Management - Focus on Healthcare
    Alaska Pacific University
  • AA, Liberal Arts
    Tulsa Community College
  • Educational Coursework, Including Practicum
    25 Credit Hours


  • Animal Assisted Activities
    Pet Partners
  • Tutor
    ESL Students


  • project Management
  • data analytics
  • compliance
  • insurance relations
  • strategic planning
  • budgeting
  • performance management
  • team leadership
  • revenue cycle management
  • writing


Taking the Temperature of the Exchanges

If you, like me have been wondering how the Exchanges are faring in the states with federally funded programs on HealthCare.gov, you might be interested in the following recent statistics from the Research Brief of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) dated October 26, 2018:

• Issuer participation has actually slightly increased. This is good.

• 20% of current participants will have only one issuer from which to choose in PY 19 compared to 29% in PY 18....


Clarksburg, MD, USA

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